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  • En-ROADS Workshop

    Date Published: 2020

    'The En-ROADS Climate Workshop helps build support for strategies to address climate change via interactive testing of the cutting-edge simulation model En-ROADS, created by Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan. During the workshop, participants were asked to propose climate solutions such as energy eff...'

  • 'Choose from five modules about energy resources in North Dakota. Recommended for grades 1-5.'

  • 'Choose from five modules about energy resources in North Dakota. Recommended for grades 6-12.'

  • CCUS Infographic

    Date Published: 2019

    'Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) addresses an environmental challenge, and North Dakota is a great place to do it.'

  • NDCS video clip

    Date Published: 2018

    'How will North Dakota continue to produce affordable, dependable electricity, keep high-paying jobs, and protect the environment into the future? Carbon capture and storage could be part of the answer.'

  • Coal: Engine of Change

    Date Published: 2018

    'Somewhere in the world, someone is using coal—for heat, for light, for cooking, to make iron and steel, and to generate electricity—more than ever before. We have been burning coal to develop economies and improve quality of life for the past 150 years. That’s a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, with ...'

  • Before the Industrial Revolution

    Date Published: 2018

    'Life with traditional energy sources meant lots of muscle power and hard work.'

  • 'Early innovators trying to find a better way to make iron and mine coal sparked the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain.'

  • Light from Coal

    Date Published: 2018

    'Coal provided much more than heat for nearly 200 years.'

  • Coal to the Consumer

    Date Published: 2018

    'Even in a new world rich with forests, coal became a critical energy source.'

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